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 Karelian Bear Dogs    


Jazzy Dancer

This is Blazer the Daddy to our litters and lives
in NC Mts with the McLean family

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Our dogs have been featured on Animal Planets, Dogs 101
rare dog breed,  Dec 5th 2009 or
You can go to Animal and put in the word Karelians, to see the clip.
We loved that they filmed our dogs and that the breed
is becoming more known in America.

Best Bear Repellant
Karelians are great protectors, and they are also great pets.
Bear Dogs do take training, and love attention.
Our dogs go everywhere we go, and love the kids.
A lot of people who have these dogs like to hike, and
or have land for horses and other farm animals.
They are not Lazy or Porch dogs.
They will sound the alarm when you have a visitor.

If you have any questions you can contact us at:

Our dogs are Universal Kennel Club
 registered, and we are members of:

American Karelian Bear Dog Association and Club

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